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the beautiful characters of the grey’s anatomy video game 

These creepy animations are the landscape of my nightmares. Yikes.

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My son is three and a half now, and he’s so sweet. When my husband and I kiss goodbye or wherever, he insists on coming to kiss me afterward, so he’ll come and go “Mama” and he kisses me and he says “You’re my wife”. {x}

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Regal Reactions (1/?

Grey’s Anatomy is a show about…

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Favorite Brotps | Peckstein

             “It’s just after everything I did to be seen as an equal, I’m back to being the rookie screwup.”

             “Dov, shut up.  The only person who sees you that way is you.”

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 Ten beautiful years, and wishing you many more. Happy Birthday, Sara Ramirez.


Absolute fave quote… I am where I need to be rn.